INDOT I-69 Corridor (64 Miles New Interstate)

Project Name INDOT I-69 Corridor (64 Miles New Interstate)
Project Location Evansville to Bloomington, IN
Project Tags Slip form, concrete
Project Summary
DATE: 2012-2016
SIZE: $5,000,000
11,000 LF of 45" Concrete Median Barrier Wall
  47,000 LF of 45"/33" Bridge Barrier Rail
  75,000 SY Poured Bridge Decks and Approach Slabs
  1,825 Ea Outlet Protectors
  2,900 SY Concrete Slope Walls

Project consisted of Slip Forming 47,000 LF 33”/45” Concrete Bridge Rail on 52 New and Rehab Bridges.  One Bridge was over 2000 LF long and 100 LF High over Wetlands.  Installed over 2 miles of 45” variable height concrete median rail.  The work was performed for Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) new Interstate 69 project from Evansville, IN to Bloomington, IN.