Smothers Park & Street Scape Phase 2

Project Name Smothers Park & Street Scape Phase 2
Project Location Owensboro, KY
Project Dimensions River Front
Project Tags Decorative
Project Summary
DATE: 2012-2014
SIZE: $1,900,000
18,000 LF 12" x 12" Curb Paver/Landscape Banding
  46,000 SF Exposed Aggregate & Black Obsidan Exposed Broad Cast Aggregate
  6900 LF Curb & Gutters
  48,000 SF 9" Brick Paver Base Slabs
  31,000 SF 8" Mainline & Parking Lot Pavement
  28,000 SF 9" Roadway Paver Base Fredica & St. Ann Street
Project consisted of all decorative concrete flat work, curb banding, curb and gutter, brick paver base and roadway pavements through Smoothers Parks, River Walkway, surrounding streets and sections around the new Convention Center.  One of the concrete wave patterns throughout the park and streetscape was poured with a "cool gray" grout mix with Black Obsidian Stone broadcast on the top surface of the concrete then washed off similar to exposed aggregate.  The Black Obsidian Stone had to be freighted from a quarry in Colorado.  A unique feature of the project was the decorative Paddle Wheel that was constructed behind the Hampton Inn.